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Our Strategic Vision

Drum Theatre’s vision

Drum Theatre is a vibrant, inclusive and entertaining performing arts venue that is celebrated for its role in arts development and engagement with our community.

Drum Theatre’s mission

Drum Theatre is an iconic destination that:

  • is a high quality performing arts venue
  • is a leader in arts development and practise
  • is an integral part of central Dandenong
  • supports a diverse range of programs that are accessible and that entertain, enrich and engage audiences
  • attracts a wide and diverse range of community patrons, participants and programmers
  • is a place for business and community to interact and meet
  • fosters partnerships and networks
  • operates in a financially and environmentally sustainable and responsible manner
  • showcases the heritage significance of the former Dandenong Town Hall.

Drum Theatre’s Strategic Plan

Drum Theatre has established itself as the premier performing arts venue in the SE region. Dandenong’s Drum Theatre has a reputation for engaging equally with artists and the local community and is a vibrant hub for promoting arts and culture.

Council appointed an Advisory Committee to set a strategic direction for Drum Theatre.  In 2016, the committee embarked on a new and exciting direction for Drum Theatre which balances economic sustainability with the needs of theatre goers and the community.

Council acknowledges the value and importance of continuing to invest in the arts in recognition of the significant contribution to a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable community.

Through a thorough analysis of the market, of operations and the financial position of the venue, Council has recognised some key constraints to the continuing operations under the original operating model and has identified the need for a revised strategic direction.  Council has now signed off on a new ten year plan for Drum Theatre which has been put together by our Advisory Committee.  It sets out a clear direction for the venue as a ‘cultural hub’, to engage with more of our community than ever before.

It proposes greater emphasis on participation and utilisation of all parts of the venue to support a sustainable model and maintain access to the community for the next ten years and beyond.

Council subsidises the operations of Drum Theatre.  Without some level of subsidy, the Theatre would not be able to operate. In order to contain the escalation of the subsidy while still maintaining an excellent level of programming, staffing and customer service, there will be a new direction in programming and operations.  This is intended to:

  • Build new income streams
  • Grow the audience
  • Be attractive to corporate and other partners
  • Provide a diverse program of activities and events as well as theatre

We are confident that Drum Theatre will continue to deliver great outcomes for our community and will remain the performing arts jewel in Dandenong’s crown.

Read the Drum Theatre Strategic Plan (PDF - 2.83MB).

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